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Strength and energy to grow

Optimize muscle mass gains, performance and endurance during physical activities are the goals of all athletes, and Nutribrands has specific products to work with your workouts

Arnold Nutrition

An advanced line of nutritional supplements for athletes that excels quality in the results. Arnold Nutrition is over 10 years innovating and helping people to pursuit of their goals. Among the hundreds of brand’s products, it stands out the premium protein isolate, powerful pre-training, forceful thermogenic, among many others. Its key ingredients are dosed accurately and reach the pinnacle of quality standards required in the manufacture of the products.

Clone Pharma

A primeira marca a trabalhar no Brasil focada em replicar formulações de produtos de nutrição esportiva globais e com preço acessível.

A Clone Pharma Laboratories USA torna as principais fórmulas de suplementos globais como genéricas, assim como medicamentos, tropicalizando produtos contundentes às regulamentações de cada país que exporta. No caso do Brasil, os produtos são adaptados conforme as regulamentações da ANVISA.

iForce Nutrition

iForce Nutrition sets the beginning of interactive nutricional science. The first company of human development to fill the gap between the functions of high quality innovative nutricional science and the interactive application of nutrients that reinforce athletic performance. A new and revolutionary approach that ensures the results you’re looking for. We believe that knowledge is power, and by the time you have the power, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. It’s true science creating guaranteed results.The advantages you get with iForce is that you’re entering the fast lane to a bigger, stronger, thinner and healthier body. Soon, this will all be able in Brazil.

Innovative Labs

Innovative Labs is a company that works with nutrition supplies, located in River Ridge, Louisiana. It offers high quality products for the ones looking for extreme hardcore results. Known in all american territory for powerful thermogenics such as Black Mamba, Hyperburn, among other powerfull references in protein supplementation, hormone regulators and body improovement.

Max Effect

Marca de suplementos Premium de nutrição esportiva, oferecendo suplementos de alta qualidade para perda de peso e fórmulas pré-treino.

Olhamos para além dos suplementos e produtos, focando direto ao núcleo do que o ajuda a ter sucesso no seu objetivo.

Cloma Pharma

The house of exclusive formulas, as it is called in the United States. The Cloma Pharma Laboratories combines highly powerful formulas, obtained by stimulating plants, and turns them into extreme fat burners. Developed for athletes that seek efficiency in the results. Launched in Brazil in 2014, it won special attention from demanding consumers.

Cutler Nutrition

A brand of supplements whose ambassador and owner is Jay Cutler, 4x Mr. Olympia and one of the greatest icons of the history of world bodybuilding. The Cutler Nutrition is dedicated to the research, construction and design needs of fitness enthusiasts. Products are developed by experienced formulators that employ in the effectiveness of production a high level of quality.


GAT – German American Technologies is a pioneer and absolute American brand tailored to the specific needs of athletes. One of the best-selling brands in the United States. It stands out for innovative products, capillarity and the biggest difference of all: coaching. Advanced athletes often seek advice from coaches. GAT Certified Supllement Coaches interacts with users via social media and phones. Especial athletes like Big Ramy, Kevin Jordan, Robert Oberst, Anette De La Rosa and even the master Dennis James composes the high-performance team.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

The Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has a revolutionary line of nutraceutical products and is at the forefront of the food supplements’ industry. Hi-Tec holds a key position as the leading and innovative, regarding to prevention and health care products.

With nutritional supplements that offer real solutions in the areas of muscle development, reducing measures and fat; as well as products for high performance.

Image Sports

Supplements’ brand leader in performance and athletic fitness. Uses supreme quality standards and formulas with enzyme technology to enhance the results and raise the intensity of workouts. Launched in Brazil in 2014, we came to innovate on the shelves of major supplements stores of the country.

Stacker 2

Supplements’ brand recognized worldwide, the Stacker 2 was developed by NVE Pharmaceuticals in the 90s. Absolute success in the United States, it stands out thanks to aggressive in-house marketing and strong retail’s partnership. Nutribrands imports one of the largest successes, the Yellow Hornet, which combines the raw power of caffeine with herbs.


Supplements’ brand founded in 1993 with the goal of produce the highest level of sports nutrition and performance drink of the world. The VPX financed more than 22 reference studies to the best universities in the United States and periodically updates distinct and innovative supplements.


Ultra-premium line of supplements launched in Brazil in 2014. A range of products developed with selected inputs, rigorously tested for microbiological laboratories, which guarantee the highest quality of the American market. The delivery of these standards of excellence ensures consumers safety and maximizes the achievement of its objectives in the right way.

Prescription Labs

The latest trend in the nutritional supplements’ market is developed from prescription specialized laboratories. The line PB – Prescription Labs is manufactured on demand, which attests the quality of raw materials and makes that the product reaches the customer in a fresh form, since the main purpose is to deliver results of high performance.


Founded in 2001, ALR was born to help athletes to reach highest performance. Specialized in nutritional and performance products, ALR Industries constantly invests in researches to always offer what is the best regarding to specific products for high performance athletes.


Through the dedicated effort and incomparable vision, APS (Advanced Performance Supplements) it’s committed to introducing to the athletes, effective products and able to improve performance. All APS products are technologically tested and proven, thus improves the metabolic pathways and therefore increasing performance.

ANSI – Advanced Nutrient Science International

A ANSI Nutrition é sediada na Flórida, Estados Unidos, e possui pontos de distribuição chaves em todo país. É reconhecida internacionalmente por prometer – e cumprir – a fabricação  e comercialização de produtos inovadores de qualidade e também por colocar os valores em primeiro lugar. O CEO da ANSI Nutrição, David McGabe, foi o primeiro a criar e comercializar uma barra de alta concentração de proteína e baixo teor de carboidratos, com ingredientes 100% naturais e demanda nutricional sem glúten. Um dos produtos da ANSI Nutrition, o pré-treino Xtreme Shock é classificado como o número 1 na RTD (Ready-to-Drink) e mostra o porquê desta indústria estar deixando os concorrentes de “orelhas em pé”.