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Lose weight with health


Technology and functional synergy in fat reducing products and thermogenic. Lean-Slim products innovate in combining the sciences of nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Derivatives ingredients of organic compounds are applied in ultra advanced formulas that maximize results in weight loss programs, increase body energy and enhance the burning of localized fat, without affecting the well-being.


Part of the LEAN -SLIM line : Redulin , Lipolin and Linolin.


Specially developed for women, Redulin is the effective solution so that they feel well and have effective results in weight loss. A fat reducing product with thermogenic effect that combine caffeine with 3 functional oils through the MULTI-PHASE LIQUIDFAST TECHNOLOGY exclusive formula, working the ingredients in 2 phases and acting directly in burning of localized fat. A health act of sending the excessive fat away without affecting the quality of life.


An extremely effective fat burner, developed from 7 natural thermogenic ingredients, besides the caffeine, acts directly on the acceleration of metabolism. The LIQUIDFAST CAPSULES technology ensures ultra-rapid absorption of its active principle and also helps in controlling the levels of body’s cholesterol.


One of the most complete nutraceutical today, its GOLDEN LIQUID CAPSULES SOFTGEL unique formula combines 8 essential functional oils, and provide a variety of fatty acids necessary for a balanced diet that the body often is not able to produce. The extraction of raw materials is obtained in a unique filtration process, which guarantee optimal concentration of their active ingredients.