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The Nutriii Project supports environmental responsibility in the early foundations of Nutribrands®, importer of nutritional supplements in the United States. We look to sensitize our staff and volunteers with awareness of social and environmental attitudes.

Our Mission

Transform our discarded materials in recycling of social and environmental attitudes, also thinking in the future generations.

Our Vision

To be seen as a great supporter and encourager of common practices that benefit people and the environment.

Our Values

Without TREES there is no LIFE. The ATTITUDES of HELPING PEOPLE is priceless.



Our products are conditioned to different types and sizes of plastics labels, which are considered an inert substance, insensitive to varying rates of decomposition for environmental factors such as light, moisture, heat and microorganisms.

When degraded, they can lead not innocuous substances with prolonged resistance, persistence and with restricted environmental control.

Considering the significant environmental degradation, increase in the volume of waste and its destination, the transformation of nature gives us a new vision of environmental issues, whereas it will harm future generations.

Starting from the principle of work the reuse of labels, we transform the discarded packaging into social projects and environmental education.

The Nutriii Project contributes with children and teenagers warning, enabling, mobilizing and educating so that in future they can achieve a better quality of life, also extending to next generations.