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Who we are

Nutribrands is a company that manages an American conglomerate of brands of supplements for athletes, energy drinks, fat reducing product and vitamin supplements. Our management goes beyond the administrative and financial management, because is also responsible for all the strategic of commercial planning and the marketing of the group, using the intelligence and vision of over 20 years insertion in the nutritional supplements market, which gives Nutribrands the title of one of the most creative companies in the Brazilian market, driven by high potential for technology’s transfer in nutritional supplementation for sports and nutraceutical. The words of the group’s management is “… The tropicalization of the American products in Brazil is a challenge that moves us day by day, because our success is related to the brazilian’s concern to take care of health, body and mind, prioritizing the quality of life and well-being. And we are part of it and work continuously to be the driving force of the Brazilians’ complementary health. “

Our story

We are synonymous of knowledge and know-how not only on imports, but also on the world market for nutritional supplementation.

Our story begins in the 80s when its founder, a young Brazilian, went to live in the United States. His interests were aroused to experience the world of sports nutrition, the land flowing with major pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories in the world.

At the end of the 80s, with a vast knowledge acquired in operations in importation and nutritional supplementation, he opened exclusively his own business.

In the 90s, when Brazil hosted the restructuring process and also of economic and sectorial reforms, particularly in trade policy, the market opening to imports was marked by innovations such as internet, DVD, games, imported cars and was also when the mobile phone popularized and decreased in size. Among the many news, the young entrepreneur, already as an American citizen, took advantage of this moment of transition to import American common products, but unprecedented in Brazil as sports cars, automotive accessories, industrial machinery, packaging, titanium tubes, magnetic mattresses, food supplements and even the first cereal bar, a currently common product that is part of the daily diet of thousands of people. The highlight should be for the advent of the first slimming shake at Brazil. A phenomenal novelty that has changed, and changes, the wellness of thousands of Brazilian women to this day.

In the 2000s, accounting for almost two decades of experience and seeing that Brazil grew with it ideas and concepts, we decided to make our own business, focused exclusively on nutritional supplements.

It was in 2004, when in the United States, Arnold Nutrition appeared, a brand targeted to be the number 1 in nutritional supplements for athletes with the mission of, besides being the most recognized, be the best. In a first moment, the production process was done in different locations and the final product was completed in a small installation, around Miami. The initial portfolio consisted in only 4 items. Gradually, we introduced new products and trends, linked to simultaneous work of our competitive commercial team, which focused on business to consolidate the brand in late 2008.

The proof of this coverage, for many an early result, was persuaded with numerous awards, arising from product recognizing and launches that extend to the present day.

Our networking with major American supplements companies opened doors, or rather gates, because apart from Arnold, other brands have emerged, some own-brands and others with exclusive representation in Latin America. Due to the great success of the products, we glimpse in Brazil some opportunity segments as the market of vitamins, minerals and functional oils, or we summarize this in nutraceuticals.

In 2011, we saw the need to create our own importer in Brazil, in order to deliver more speed and quality to retailers. We seek a highly qualified team, in order to act in the import and export operations of our brands, as well as launching new products that constantly arrives. We call this umbrella Nutribrands®, a duet of words Nutrition Brands, which is the company that orchestrates our dozens of brands.

This step marks the advent of high-tech nutraceuticals in Latin American countries. Reference products in the United States began to conceptualize the shelves of the major pharmacies, as well as convenience stores, specifically in Brazil, through Nutribrands®.

In 2010, we follow the regulation of pure caffeine in Brazil in supplements to athletes through the RDC 27/2010 of ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency). Thus, we present the Vivamil® brand, first titled as the first energy tablet of pure caffeine regularly commercialized in Brazil. Months later, we continue to innovate on the same line, presenting the Vivamil® Shot, in a liquid form, which also marked pioneering as the first Energy Shot of pure caffeine regularly commercialized in Brazil.

We also landed a very modern brand of fat reducing products and thermogenics, Lean Slim®, employing the supreme technologies applied in American laboratories. This line, which originally composed the Lipolin® and Linolin® products, also offers an exclusive line of fat reducing products and thermogenics for women, called Redulin®. It is the combination of technology and functional synergy in weight loss programs, making them more effective.

We continue innovating with a comprehensive line of Vitamins, Minerals and Functional Oils, the Vitavale® brand. This offers a complete range of products, ranging from complex B to Minerals for Hair, Skin and Nails. In 2014, this range went from 30 products and will continue to grow in coming years.

Another new line that we will also present in 2014 will be the first bariatric surgery kit, developed in the United States and imported to a large group of South Americans businessmen.

The organic growth makes us acquire scalability, especially in channel of bodyshop stores. Given this, we are taking up with exclusivity the exclusive trade of a supplement brand that has made history in Brazil in early 2000. A premium line with ultra advanced technology called Worldsize®.

With over 400 items circling worldwide, we account our participation in hundreds of fairs and events, in the United States and in several states of Brazil, promoting and consolidating the group’s brands. Currently, we are present in 92% of Brazilian states. We are a dynamic forefront company, and we offer the most complete and effective line of sports nutrition products in the world.

To tell our story, we went far away, but it was to show people how we understand what we do. To get here, we materialize ideas with the help of the people, resulting in the consolidation of over 50 trademarks registered in the US and Latin America.

Our main commitment is to deliver innovation with advanced technology. Quality is a consequence of these pillars. More than being the leader, is to be the best.